Want to learn how to stop smoking? If you have been smoking for a while, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that just as smoking is the easiest habit to pick up, trying to stop smoking is also the most difficult. We usually pick up the habit in our younger years, when it was a cool thing to do with no one mentioning the dangers associated with it. It is actually uncool to smoke today with all the knowledge we now know about this additive habit.

As time passes, your dependency to nicotine slowly increases and you light up more and more, whenever you’re feeling stressed or bored. Soon it becomes a daily ritual and before you realize it, you’re hooked on smoking and nicotine! The trouble starts from here on. The dependency upon nicotine soon makes you crave for the cigarette so much so that your entire schedule is tuned to your smoking habits.  Soon enough, your body emits the warning signals – externally, premature wrinkles, leathery skin, yellow teeth, and bad breath. Internally, you start experiencing high blood pressure, shortness of breath, lack of energy, just to name a few.  Diseases associated with smoking like cancers, coronary heart disease, and stroke, also greatly increases.

You now wake up to the real dangers of smoking and want to know how to stop smoking. But it’s easier said than done. But not to worry, there are proven ways like Anne Penman Laser Therapy to stop smoking that help you beat the habit and get you on the recovery route. Let’s look at some of the most effective and popular ways to decisively stop smoking…

Tip #1, Be decisive, don’t procrastinate

If you’re serious about quitting smoking, it’s important to take decisive steps and follow up on them. The first of these steps involves committing a date for you to quit smoking. It could be tomorrow, the day after or this Monday. Book an appointment with our laser therapist and still with it.  Remember, till then you can smoke to your heart’s content but at the chosen moment on the chosen day, you just give up smoking and stay away from the habit. This is the most crucial point in your journey on the road to a smoke-less life.

Tip #2; Once you’re officially off the smoking bandwagon, cheating is an absolute no-no

The thought to take that next puff on a cigarette might be very tempting after you quit smoking. If you get the thought, perish it or else you’ll regret it. Just one puff of the cigarette can take you sliding back the old habit and you could soon be smoking more cigarettes that before. So, when you decide to stay away from smoking, remember there is no halfway house to smoking cessation. You’re one puff away from a pack a day!

Tip #3; Stick to the straight path, stay away from substitutes

If you have considered nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) to help you quit smoking, think again.  The success rates of NRT is extremely low. Nicotine Replacement Therapy includes skin patches, chewing gum, and nasal sprays. But they are just a transference of nicotine from the cigarette to another form. The theory of NRT is to ween you off nicotine slowly. But far from helping you stave off nicotine dependency, these substitutes only prolong your cravings. As a result, the journey to a tobacco-free life only becomes longer and could even end up sending you back on a smoking trip. So, the moment you kick the habit, there’s absolutely no room for nicotine in any form, in your life.

Tip #4; Don’t agonize about withdrawal symptoms, act normal

Don’t be afraid of withdrawal symptoms when you quit smoking. Understand it’s part of the healing process.  Except for the smoking part, you can live the rest of your daily life normally. You don’t need to take special precautions like avoiding business get-togethers or family occasions. Feel proud of yourself for staying off smoking and tell the world about it. They’ll envy you and support you on your initiative. This way, you won’t feel envious of the smokers. If someone does offer you a smoke, politely but firmly refuse it, and tell them that you’re taking laser treatment for stop smoking at Anne Penman Laser Therapy.

 Tip #5; Don’t shy away from taking professional help

While all these tips may help to kick away the smoking bug, it is possible that you may require additional professional help in the form of smoking cessation therapy and counselling support to help you walk away successfully from the smoking habit. Fortunately, for those who are searching for ways on how to stop smoking, Anne Penman Laser Therapy have options like cold laser therapy to help you stop smoking in just one treatment. Our smoking cessation treatment also involves counselling support. It becomes extremely important to have someone mentor you, guide you through the emotional rollercoaster of quitting smoking including the triggers and habits. This is something we do at Anne Penman Laser Therapy, where counselling and 24-hour support is included in the therapy.

How to Stop Smoking with Laser Therapy

How to stop smoking with laser therapy is a painless, non-invasive, completely safe therapy that aims to help you get over withdrawal pangs associated with ‘cold turkey’ or suddenly quitting smoking. Cold laser beam is targeted at precise energy points located on the ears, nose, mouth, hands and wrists, and helps stimulate the body to release endorphins. The endorphins such as dopamine, are the body’s natural painkillers that help it stay calm and collected. With their release by the application of laser, your body’s endorphins are more balanced making it easier to go thru the withdrawal phases.  In this way, with the use of cold laser therapy, quitting smoking becomes easier.

As a smoker, your biggest worry is facing the withdrawal pangs that inevitably accompany attempts to kick the smoking habit. Laser stop smoking therapy helps such people cope with this phase, by reducing the cravings and overcoming the de-addiction pangs of tobacco.

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