‘Would you believe I ACTUALLY put a dressing gown over my clothes and wrapped a sweat shirt round my head if I was in the house and wanted a cigarette?  ‘I know it sounds totally bizarre,’  ‘but I thought it would stop me smelling of smoke which I hated. ‘I would also eat mints, spray perfume – you name it, I did it.’ ‘My passion was Embassy Regal Kingsize – and I smoked 20 a day for 37 years. I’ve tried everything to stop from patches to cold turkey but none of them worked. I even managed to smoke with the patches on!’ Not any longer though – with a pack these days costing the best part of £6.50 I can’t believe the money I am saving and my health has improved, my skin feels and looks better – and the other advantage is I am not constantly trying to hide the smell of smoke every time I lights up!

‘I’ve been plagued with IBS for some time now and at one stage it was so bad I was frightened to leave the house. Since I’ve stopped smoking it has settled down,’ continues Marion.

‘I have been smoke free since my first laser session on 29th of June and feel as though I have my life back, I am able to socialise, meet friends and family. I love being a non-smoker, not only because of wealth but because of my health!’