Marie Agnew started smoking when she was 14. Now 45, the school janitor from Burnside Glasgow, is proud to call herself a NON SMOKER.

‘It took me 30 years and many attempts but I am smoke free and it has transformed my life,’ says the mum of two. ‘I’ve tried acupuncture, patches, gum, Champix – which is actually now banned in the US, lozenges and inhalers – none of them worked till I discovered laser therapy.’

It was after reading an article about Anne Penman Laser Therapy that Marie booked her first treatment – and the rest is history!

‘I called up, booked in – and I have been smoke free ever since, ‘ says Marie. ‘That was coming up for two years ago and I couldn’t believe how quickly it worked. I think what makes it special is the back up support you get from Anne and her team. They are there 27/7 for you so you really believe you can do it.’

Certainly Marie is a successful quitter – and couldn’t feel better about it. Marie Agnew Stopped Smoking with the Laser.

‘I’ve taken holidays I couldn’t afford before, I’ve done up my house, I’ve joined a gym – and the most wonderful feeling in the world is I can buy anything I want without worrying about having enough to by my next packet of cigarettes.’