The only way to describe Pamela Wallace is a yummy mummy – and now this glamorous mum of two is going to be featured on trendy mums website

Pamela quit her nicotine habit last April – thanks to her young daughter Lucy who talked her into trying to stop.  And after discovering Anne Penman that’s exactly what 39-year-old Pamela did.

‘I had wanted to quit for years,’ says health support worker Pamela, ‘especially in my job when you actually see the appalling results of smoking.  But I’ve got to say it was actually my 11-year-old daughter Lucy who eventually made me stop.

‘I think the kids get so much health education at school these days and when she found out I smoked she hated it.  Before I discovered Anne’s method of laser for smoking cessation I tried patches, nicotine gum and even went to classes but none of them worked.’

Pamela smoked around 7 cigarettes a day for over 20 years.  She admits she was a secret smoker.

‘I felt ashamed at smoking but could never find the will power to stop,’ says Lucy who lives in Carluke, Lanarshire with her husband and two children.  ‘The day I had my first laser treatment was the start of a new life – and a healthy one.

‘I would recommend anyone to try out laser therapy so that they can look to the future and have a long, healthy, happy life also.  At first it seemed a lot of money to book the three session course but now when I count up the money I have saved in the last year I realize it is worth every penny.’

And last word goes to Pamela’s gorgeous daughter Lucy:

‘I’m so glad my mum doesn’t smell of cigarettes anymore.’