“I smoked two packs a day for 10 years. I started to think that this was not a good example for my son. Although I was having health problems I had no idea how to get rid of my 10-year smoking habit. I was also anxious about quitting. One day I met a friend of mine who had stopped smoking with the help of Anne Penman Laser Therapy. She recommended the method to me and I decided to try it. I was amazed that I as well as not smoking that I did not suffer any withdrawal symptoms at all. I was a little bit worried about my weight but the guidance I was given helped me keep it under control. I am now happier and healthier.. I recommend that you don’t put off stopping. I believe this is a gift to me and my son.”


“I smoked for eight years; two packs of cigarette per day. I tried several ways to stop smoking with no success. After my first laser therapy session, I stopped smoking. I recommend Anne Penman Laser Therapy to anyone reading this. You will see how easy to quit smoking. When I tried quitting smoking by other methods I gained 16 pounds in three weeks. I also felt irritable and anxious during those days. However, thanks to Anne Penman, I gained only two pounds in a month. My tolerance was a little low in first three days but I was not anxious at all. I am very happy that I now have a healthier life.”


“I am so happy to have discovered the Anne Penman laser therapy treatment center for smoking cessation. After just two sessions I had no craving for a cigarette and my temperament remained on an even keel. The sessions are harmless and actually quite relaxing. Not smoking will make such an impact on my life – I wish I would have found the Anne Penman Center 20 years ago!”


“I have gotten over 99.9% of my cravings, all sorts of food tastes better and I haven’t gained weight either.”


“Hello Anne,

My name is Joe Bowman, and we met at the grand opening of the Chattanooga TN. office. You took a lot of time to talk to me about your stop smoking program Well 10 days ago I gave it a try and it has worked great for me not one smoke since.(2+ pack a day habit) Jim & Patricia have been great, I thank you so much for making laser therapy possible for me.

Thank You For Saving Me!”


“I AM NOW A NON-SMOKER!  I have smoked for 42 years.  I’ve quit for short periods of time, but I’ve never been able to totally kick it.  I’ve tried everything, patch, gum, lozenges, hypnosis, psychologist and the latest, the new prescription Chantix.  Nothing worked!

A few months ago, a friend was visiting from out of town and told me about Anne Penman’s Laser Treatment.

I went online and read all about the wonderful results and decided to call.  With much anxiety, I made an appointment; the anxiety was because I didn’t want to fail again.  I just didn’t believe I would ever be able to get this monkey off my back.  The worst part was I liked smoking, but I didn’t like what it was doing to me.  I didn’t like the look in the grandchildren’seyes as they told me, “please quit so you can stay with us longer.”

This was my last chance.  Carol and Denise, my technicians were wonderful and very supportive.  I followed all of there advice and prayed a lot!

Well, I am proof that this really works.  I am now a recovering smoker.  I like that better than non-smoker because I know I can never again touch a cigarette.  But, I ALSO KNOW THAT I NEVER WILL!

Thanks Anne for your wonderful therapy, it really works!”


“Hey Carol! This is Ashley from Tampa and I am SOOO HAPPY to report that I AM SMOKE FREE!!

I have not had a cigarette since my first laser therapy appointment, 12/28/07!

What you do is amazing and I am so glad that I found you guys!!!

Thank you for everything!”


Hairdresser Karen Ronald is feeling on top of the world.

After years of yo-yo dieting the 44-year-old mum of two has never felt better – after using our LASER THERAPY treatment to lose weight.

And today she shares her story with the Daily Record.

Karen, who juggles running 5 hairdressing salons with two being mum to 4-year-old Mason and 9-year old Olivia has dropped two dress sizes – and can’t believe how good she feels.

I’ve always been pretty active but always battled with my weight,’ says Karen who lives in Glasgow. ‘Despite exercising I felt bloated, tired all the time.

‘I think I’ve tried every diet method that was ever invented – from meal replacements to diet pills, 3-day diets, Weight Watchers – you name it. Then I discovered Anne Penman and the rest is history!

‘My aim was to feel healthy and fit – and that’s exactly how I feel now. The trigger for me was a special occasion – I had one month to fit into the dress I wanted to wear – that was my goal.

‘I’d lost weight myself before but I knew I had started to eat all the wrong things again, in my head I was all over the place. In fact if I was in the mood I’d eat everything in sight – and then some more! I felt out of control, off the rails.

‘I needed to find something to maintain my weight and get me back in control – laser therapy has done just that. Before I went to Anne I was squeezing into a very very tight 14 – in fact if I really admit it I should have been buying size 16. Now I’ve lost the weight my size 12 clothes that have been at the back of the wardrobe for years are all comfortable, I feel fantastic!’

‘The whole experience of sitting in Anne’s big leather chair and getting lasered is amazing, it’s so relaxing and once your treatment is complete you feel as though you can take on the world. For some reason it makes you feel full and you don’t want to stuff your face!’ Karen discovered us online.

‘The name sounded familiar and the minute I met Anne I realized my dad had stopped smoking with her 15 years ago – she also uses the laser for that – and he is STILL a non smoker.’

In fact Karen is such an Anne Penman convert her partner David has also been lasered for smoking cessation – and hasn’t had a cigarette for three months.

‘He was in the military for years and everyone smoked. He was trying to cut back himself but once I had discovered Anne again I encouraged him to go too. After two laser sessions he didn’t feel like another cigarette and has been smoke-free ever since. He’s put himself in social situations and out with the boys and still not been tempted so he is delighted too.

‘Basically we both wanted to get healthy for our young kids – and thanks to Anne we feel as though we are now.’
Karen, her partner David and Mason – a healthy family thanks to Anne Penman!


‘Would you believe I ACTUALLY put a dressing gown over my clothes and wrapped a sweat shirt round my head if I was in the house and wanted a cigarette?  ‘I know it sounds totally bizarre,’  ‘but I thought it would stop me smelling of smoke which I hated. ‘I would also eat mints, spray perfume – you name it, I did it.’ ‘My passion was Embassy Regal Kingsize – and I smoked 20 a day for 37 years. I’ve tried everything to stop from patches to cold turkey but none of them worked. I even managed to smoke with the patches on!’ Not any longer though – with a pack these days costing the best part of £6.50 I can’t believe the money I am saving and my health has improved, my skin feels and looks better – and the other advantage is I am not constantly trying to hide the smell of smoke every time I lights up!

‘I’ve been plagued with IBS for some time now and at one stage it was so bad I was frightened to leave the house. Since I’ve stopped smoking it has settled down,’ continues Marion.

‘I have been smoke free since my first laser session on 29th of June and feel as though I have my life back, I am able to socialise, meet friends and family. I love being a non-smoker, not only because of wealth but because of my health!’


Marie Agnew started smoking when she was 14. Now 45, the school janitor from Burnside Glasgow, is proud to call herself a NON SMOKER.

‘It took me 30 years and many attempts but I am smoke free and it has transformed my life,’ says the mum of two. ‘I’ve tried acupuncture, patches, gum, Champix – which is actually now banned in the US, lozenges and inhalers – none of them worked till I discovered laser therapy.’

It was after reading an article about Anne Penman Laser Therapy that Marie booked her first treatment – and the rest is history!

‘I called up, booked in – and I have been smoke free ever since, ‘ says Marie. ‘That was coming up for two years ago and I couldn’t believe how quickly it worked. I think what makes it special is the back up support you get from Anne and her team. They are there 27/7 for you so you really believe you can do it.’

Certainly Marie is a successful quitter – and couldn’t feel better about it. Marie Agnew Stopped Smoking with the Laser.

‘I’ve taken holidays I couldn’t afford before, I’ve done up my house, I’ve joined a gym – and the most wonderful feeling in the world is I can buy anything I want without worrying about having enough to by my next packet of cigarettes.’


Another East coast success story – accountant Maggie Wood – was also delighted to share her story with the Evening Telegraph.

She quit her nicotine habit on 1st April 1997 – 28 years after her first cigarette – when she met Anne Penman.

Maggie Wood Accountant Maggie Wood is no fool. She quit her nicotine habit on 1st April 1997 – 28 years after her first cigarette – when she met Anne Penman. ‘The day I met Anne my life changed for the better,’ says 57-year-old Maggie who suffers from asthma. ‘Anne and her husband Ron were there to meet me on day one and have been my source of inspiration ever since. They supported me then and I know that support is still there 15 years later.’

Maggie, from Blairgowrie, started smoking when she was 14. ‘I was still at school and it was what everyone did. You didn’t think about it then, you just thought it was cool,’ she says. Over the years Maggie tried various methods but nothing worked until her laser therapy treatment. ‘When the smoking ban came into the workplace I was one of the team to oversee the transition period. My work was very supportive and funded anyone who wanted to go to Anne. It’s the best thing I did.’ And, Maggie says, the benefits are endless….

No standing outside in the cold or hanging around looking for a designated place to smoke

No smelly home, car or clothes

No hogs breath

I feel fitter and healthier

And best of all I can now fund my shopping addiction with the savings I have made!

‘I would recommend Anne’s treatment to anyone.


Sandra Finan from Dundee had a 30-a-day smoking habit and it was something she never imaged capable of breaking.

She had been a smoker for 45years since the age of 21 but as her health deteriorated she knew she had to try to stop despite trying many times with patches, gum, you name it.

However after one laser therapy session with Anne Penman she stopped.

‘It was like an amazing miracle,’ 66-year-old retired secretary Sandra told the paper. ‘It was no effort whatsoever and it didn’t take any willpower!’


The only way to describe Pamela Wallace is a yummy mummy – and now this glamorous mum of two is going to be featured on trendy mums website www.yummymummybeauty.com

Pamela quit her nicotine habit last April – thanks to her young daughter Lucy who talked her into trying to stop.  And after discovering Anne Penman that’s exactly what 39-year-old Pamela did.

‘I had wanted to quit for years,’ says health support worker Pamela, ‘especially in my job when you actually see the appalling results of smoking.  But I’ve got to say it was actually my 11-year-old daughter Lucy who eventually made me stop.

‘I think the kids get so much health education at school these days and when she found out I smoked she hated it.  Before I discovered Anne’s method of laser for smoking cessation I tried patches, nicotine gum and even went to classes but none of them worked.’

Pamela smoked around 7 cigarettes a day for over 20 years.  She admits she was a secret smoker.

‘I felt ashamed at smoking but could never find the will power to stop,’ says Lucy who lives in Carluke, Lanarshire with her husband and two children.  ‘The day I had my first laser treatment was the start of a new life – and a healthy one.

‘I would recommend anyone to try out laser therapy so that they can look to the future and have a long, healthy, happy life also.  At first it seemed a lot of money to book the three session course but now when I count up the money I have saved in the last year I realize it is worth every penny.’

And last word goes to Pamela’s gorgeous daughter Lucy:

‘I’m so glad my mum doesn’t smell of cigarettes anymore.’


Ex-Smokers ‘Gain More Weight Than Thought’

It’s the news every smoker who is thinking of quitting dreads……..experts have found that the average weight gain associated with giving up smoking is much higher than previously thought.

People can expect to put on up to 5kg (11lb) within a year of quitting, research published on bmj.com suggests.

Not if you quit the Anne Penman way!

For as well as using laser therapy for smoking cessation Anne and her team use it for weight loss – and Linda Jones is testament to that.

Mum of two Linda from Ayrshire gave up her smoking habit with us in January 2010 using laser therapy – but quickly put on almost a stone. However, Linda soon lost the extra pounds with the laser and has never felt better or fitter.

I know people use it as an excuse and I was worried I would put on weight. That was why the laser therapy works so well. Admittedly I did put on almost a stone when I stopped – but Anne Penman Laser Therapy uses the laser for weight loss as well so within a couple of months I was feeling fantastic – healthy, smoke-free and my weight gain had disappeared.

People reading this may want to quit but be worried about the weight gain. Don’t be. I was lucky,’ says 44-year-old Linda, a beauty therapist, ‘because Anne Penman was one of my clients and I suddenly realized I had the answer right in front of me!

I started my course of laser treatments in January 2010 – it was my New Year resolution – and I haven’t had a cigarette since then. The reason I loved the laser – as well as it working! – was it did help me with the weight gain and the stress of dealing with stopping smoking.

And with Anne her unique service is she also has a 24 hour helpline so I felt the support package and aftercare were tremendous.


Sandra Finan

Sandra Finan From Dundee had a 30-a-day smoking habit and it was something she never imaged capable of breaking…


Pamela Wallace

The only way to describe Pamela Wallace is a yummy mummy – and now this glamorous mum of two is going to be…


Linda Jones

It’s the news every smoker who is thinking of quitting dreads… … … experts have found that the average …