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What are the benefits of quitting smoking?  Once you’ve quit smoking, there are immediate health benefits you will experience:

Just After…

Your blood pressure and pulse return to normal.

The nicotine and carbon monoxide levels in the blood are halved, oxygen levels in the blood return to normal.

Carbon monoxide is eliminated from the body and the lungs start to clear out the buildup of tar.

There is hardly any nicotine left in your body. Your taste and smell are greatly improved.

Your breathing becomes easier, bronchial tubes begin to relax, energy levels increase.

Your circulation improves, making walking and running a lot easier.

You experience less coughs, wheezing and breathing problems as the lungs have room for up to 10% more oxygen.

Your risk of a heart attack is halved.

Your risk of lung cancer is halved.

Your risk of heart attack is at the same level as non-smokers.

  • Your risk of developing lung cancer, other cancers, heart attack, stroke, and chronic lung disease is reduced the sooner you stop smoking, the sooner your risk starts going down.
  • Quitting Smoking at any age increases your life expectancy if you stop before the onset of serious disease. Even if you have developed a disease, you can benefit from stopping as your body will be under less strain and can fight it more easily.
  • A smoker who has suffered from a heart attack can halve the risk of a second heart attack by quitting smoking.
  • Ten years after quitting smoking an ex-smoker’s risk of lung cancer is reduced by 30 – 50% compared with that of a continuing smoker.
  • Smokers who stop before the age of 35 have a life expectancy not significantly different from that of a non-smoker.
  • Smokers who give up smoking between 65 and 74 years of age have a better life expectancy beyond 75 than those who continue to smoke.
  • Makes any physical activity easier
  • Reduces stress
  • Your sense of taste and smell improve
  • You don’t tire as quickly
  • Your skin is improved

Other Great Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Within days of quitting smoking, your hair won’t smell of stale smoke, your eyes will be less red and sore and your skin will be looking brighter as your circulation improves.

Your energy levels will soon soar when you quit smoking, making it easier to run for the bus or play sports with your friends.

Rediscover the taste of your favorite foods as your taste buds kick back in after you give up smoking!

Each cigarette takes about 10 minutes to smoke, so a 10-a-day smoker can save nearly 2 hours a day when they quit. That’s enough time to watch a new blockbuster at the cinema! Over the course of a year, you can claim back a month of lost time!

Smokers are shocked to find how quickly they get hooked on smoking. Stopping is a real achievement and can give you a real boost in confidence and self-esteem.

Quitting smoking can improve your chances of getting a new job as employers can employ only non-smokers if they wish. In many countries workplaces are already smoke-free and all enclosed workplaces will be smoke free soon. Now is a great chance to plan ahead and quit in time for the legislation.

Financial Cost of Smoking*

No of Cigarettes 5 10 20 40 60
Daily Cost $3.73 $7.46 $14.92 $29.84 $44.76
Weekly Cost $26.11 $52.23 $104.45 $208.90 $313.35
Monthly Cost $104.45 $208.90 $417.80 $835.60 $1,253.40
Yearly Cost $1,357.85 $2,715.70 $5,431.41 $10,866.72 $16,300.08

*based on average cost of $14.93 per 20 pack. Data from:

Quitting Smoking isn’t about losing something, it’s about gaining a lot!
The benefits of Quitting Smoking soon start adding up…

Have you ever thought of using the same amount for a better choice?
1 day: a movie rental or a magazine
1 week: a CD to add to your music collection
1 month: a shopping spree or the monthly food bill
3 months: a few days in the sun or a weekend get-away
6 months: a vacation or some new furniture
1 year: a down payment on a car or the start of savings account for a house

When you have quit smoking, you have better health, and you are in control of your lifestyle, and last but not least better off financially. You can, for example, put your cigarette money in an “ashcash-box” and spoil yourself from time to time. Now you can afford a better holiday, a night out at a restaurant, some new clothes, a computer game or… You’ll also save money in other ways. Life, fire and car insurance can all be cheaper when you quit.

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Note: Individual results may vary.