Ex-Smokers ‘Gain More Weight Than Thought’

It’s the news every smoker who is thinking of quitting dreads……..experts have found that the average weight gain associated with giving up smoking is much higher than previously thought.

People can expect to put on up to 5kg (11lb) within a year of quitting, research published on bmj.com suggests.

Not if you quit the Anne Penman way!

For as well as using laser therapy for smoking cessation Anne and her team use it for weight loss – and Linda Jones is testament to that.

Mum of two Linda from Ayrshire gave up her smoking habit with us in January 2010 using laser therapy – but quickly put on almost a stone. However, Linda soon lost the extra pounds with the laser and has never felt better or fitter.

I know people use it as an excuse and I was worried I would put on weight. That was why the laser therapy works so well. Admittedly I did put on almost a stone when I stopped – but Anne Penman Laser Therapy uses the laser for weight loss as well so within a couple of months I was feeling fantastic – healthy, smoke-free and my weight gain had disappeared.

People reading this may want to quit but be worried about the weight gain. Don’t be. I was lucky,’ says 44-year-old Linda, a beauty therapist, ‘because Anne Penman was one of my clients and I suddenly realized I had the answer right in front of me!

I started my course of laser treatments in January 2010 – it was my New Year resolution – and I haven’t had a cigarette since then. The reason I loved the laser – as well as it working! – was it did help me with the weight gain and the stress of dealing with stopping smoking.

And with Anne her unique service is she also has a 24 hour helpline so I felt the support package and aftercare were tremendous.