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AP – I chucked a full packet of ciggies in the Loch

AP -Dundee Evening Telegraph

Post Plus – I Had a Passion to Smoke

Daily Record – Treatment That’s Light Years Ahead

Daily Record – New Years Fairies Can Fix Those Problems

Daily Record – How Laser Therapy Helped Paul Kick the Weed

Daily Record – Stop Smoking saved us a packet

Daily Record – Stop Smoking saved us a packet (2)

Daily Record – AP trek 1

Daily Record – AP trek 2

Anne Penman- what kind of smoker

Smoking myths

DR kids & smoking

AP -Dundee Evening Telegraph

AP – The Sun

AP – My Weekly

Sunday Post-Think yourself thin

AnnePenman – slim C&F

Karen Ronald

Archive Press & New Media

Anne Penman – Frisco

Big Issue – Zap the Habit

Chicago Tribune – Health – Lost Weight with Laser Therapy

Daily Mail – Quit Smoking for Good

Daily Record – Airport Help for Air – Rage Smokers

Daily Record – Beauty Tips

Daily Record – Breathe Easy

Daily Record – Laser Help Quit Smoking

Daily Record – Light Relief

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Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas – Laser Weight Loss Therapy

Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas – Can Laser Therapy Bring Weight Loss

Danimarka Makale – Aalborg Stiftstidende

Hamilton Journal News

Herald – Smokers are turning to Star Wars-style Therapy for Help

Laser Helps Kick Habit

Lincoln Echo – My Laser Life-Saver

Losing Weight with Laser Therapy

News of The World – NHS in Cigs ‘Laser Cure’

Oklahama Nursing Time

See The Light

Sunday Mail – Desperate For A Laser

Sunday MailPost – Whiskey Smokers

The Express – Star Wars on Cigs

The Herald – How To Give Up The Weed

The Herald – Laser Helps Kick The Habit

The Herald – Scots Smokers

The Norman Transcript – Yielding to the Light

The Scotsman – Hi-Tech Approach

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The Weekly News – Like Acupuncture, but without the needles!

Woman Magazine – Laser Stopped Me Smoking

Woman’s World

Yielding to the Light

Zap That Smoking Habit

Zap the Habit1

Zap the Habit2


Quit Smoking Stress Management Weight Loss